OK OK – You have till June!

Panic emails, Skypes, Twitts and  GL messages indicate your spirits are willing but you are crunched for time – Boy do we understand!  As of today, we are eliminating the deadline and although this makes it a bit more chaotic for us in terms of the final product- we feel it is better for “the cause”.  So  take a breath – but don’t forget!  Perhaps some of our more recent additions will serve as inspiration!

See them at: http://globallean.ning.com/video

Nudge ….

OK  People- It’s time to start moving on these submissions!  We want to be sure to get a great variety of submissions form all over the planet – so please let your voices be heard!  Remember to have fun with this .  I know it’s a crazy busy time for all of us -but take the time to enjoy creting a memory and participating in a world-wide effort to remember we can “Lean on Each Other”..  Can’t wait to share the final project, so get yours in ASAP!


Just so you know…

The April 15th deadline is really not a deadline, but rather a suggested time frame to keep you motivated– we will accept entries up to our very last editing minute – but wanted to try and get a jump-start.  We know how crazy-busy things get toward the end of the school year – so this April 15 suggested day is really just a nudge to get rolling.  We will be happy to receive submissions until the very last minute that we can!


Seems like one forum is never enough. Please extend your participation and join the NING:


Click below to download the “Lean on Me” reference track :


Read below for a complete overview of the Global Lean On Me Project, open to ALL!  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know you have arrived. Let’s get the conversation going! Just say hello – say hello to the world!

The Global Lean Music Video Project

Here it is!  SPREAD THE WORD!  Here’s a fun, collaborative opportunity to share your voices – literally!  Attached you will find an mp3 file that contains bass, drums and keyboard background for the song, Lean on Me.  (Lyrics are here) Your mission is to take these tracks and record your version of the song in whatever style you want – vocal, instrumental – as much as you want and record it and send it back. Only send us what YOU do – not the original reference track!

This is for ANYONE interested, as long as you have SOME connection to education. (Ever been to school?  Good enough!)  Pass it to your daycare center-bring in a laptop and record those darlins!   Do it with your Doctoral classes- bring it into the playground, the cafeteria- the bus, the principal’s office.  Find out if your custodians can sing! (or not -that’s fine too)

The goal is to take this viral – to receive submissions from the whole family – the GLOBAL FAMILY!  We will then put it all together and create a masterpiece of voices – singing from all over the world.  Can you guess where it will be unveiled??- Not telling just yet! 🙂

Have FUN WITH IT!  Stretch out – as long as the tempo and key stay consistent – you are TOTALLY FREE to experiment and take it wherever the spirit moves you!  Do it with your students- your teachers- your principals – the cafeteria staff – the district administrators.  Make it playful – dress up for it – dress down for it – Make it video – or just an audio track is fine!  Send us still pictures to go along with your submission and we will be sure to display them with your audio track.
PLEASE remember to eliminate the original track from the file you send us.

Things to know:

1. The vocals begin where the drums start

2. Add as many tracks as you want

3. We’ll include EVERY submission we get in the extended version, and  select 25 that represent a wide diversity for the main event.

If you are recording in garage band just delete the original track from your finished product.  Audacity, GarageBand, Sound Studio, Windows Recorder, Logic, Cubase, ProTools all allow for this to be done.  Please also remember that the file you send back to us, must be an MP3 format.  If you video – send it back to us as an MP3 or let us do the grunt work!

Click below to download the “Lean on Me” reference track :


Sending back the file indicates complete release for fair use.  That’s the extent of the legalese we are including.   Please email all submission  in MP3 format to PeggySheehy@mac.com or to mjaffee@ramapocentral.org.  We’re ready and we’re waiting to HEAR YOU!

Here is a link to a similar project that may provide you inspiration – It did for us!


Can’t get to  YOUTUBE?  Try this: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2389799/playing_song_around_the_world_stand_by_me/

One more link: http://www.mahalo.com/Stand_By_Me_Video

Please ask questions! If we don’t know the answer we will find out for you.  Also – it would be great if you JOIN THE NING and let us know you intend to participate!  Blog there about your idea, or get ideas from others!   Ask questions- lend someone your expertise!  Share the experience!  Did I mention you can ASK QUESTIONS???  psheehy@ramapocentral.org

Want a Ning to go along with your work?  Here it is: http://globallean.ning.com/